Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ek Thi Daayan Music Review

Ek Thi Daayan Music
Music Direction : Vishal Bharadwaj
Lyrics : Gulzar

What I expected? : Melodies, poetry, serenity.

Yaaram is where Sunidhi Chauhan and Clinton Cerejo are at their soulful best, flowing through the urbane soft rock melody, terrifically composed I'd say and with the comely placed fresh but calm, romantic arrangements emitting a positive vibe, ends up as one of the best melodies to come out this year! #Must Hear #Repeat
Totey Ud Gaye by Sukhwinder SinghSuresh Wadakar and Rekha Bharadwaj is situational, quirky but with much less scope for anything else.
Lautungi Mein drips passion, literally, utterly haunting composition and the rendition by Rekha Bharadwaj  takes it to entirely new heights! Ghost song, I presume from the lyrics, gets the best lift off from the enigmatic, dark arrangements and makes it spooky and mysterious enough. Great hear!
Sapna Re Sapna in one word is absorbing! SaReGaMaPa Li'l champ product Master Padmanabh Gaikwad justifies his debut by singing with such innocence and vehemence, that the graceful, serene tune powered with equally eloquent lyrics proves to be absolutely blissful! #Something you can't miss #Must hear.
Kaali Kaali is controlled by Clinon Cerejo in entirety but it is the endearing mix of piano, violin and guitar in the background which makes this melody seductive enough that we'll definitely go for a repeat! Great hear!

Verdict : Expectedly, Vishal Bharadwaj delivers by leaps and bounds. Ek Thi Daayan is melodious, poetic and serene, that with just 5 songs, we can't get enough of it. Except for one situational track, this has four definite, solid gems, and that is what makes it a must buy! Certainly imaginative, creative and confident soundtrack you don't want to miss!

Must Hears! : Yaaram, Lautungi Mein, Sapna Re Sapna, Kaali Kaali


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Commando Music Review

Commando Music
Music Direction : Mannan Shaah

What I expected  : Nothing

Saawan Bairi is pitch perfect! The seemingly gorgeous, slow, out of the world tune is justified by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's brilliant vocals of which's perfect use we haven't heard for AGES! The amazing Sufi blend and the sheer choice of unconventional instruments really induce the right amount of grief and romance into the listener. ##Something you cannot miss. #Repeat
Lutt Jawaan by Dhruv Sangari has some real interesting tribal sounds in the beginning which is progressively mixed into the addictive Punjabi setup, essentially intriguing! Ear worm this is, with that hooking chorus, good hear!
Mungda by Sunidhi Chauhan, being an item number came as a pleasant surprise! Not a write off at all, where the arrangements make everything seem brighter and perkier and with Sunidhi doing a usual job, makes up for a good hear. Situational, commercial, yet good.
Lena Dena has raw, folk Punjabi flavor, the type which we could be heard in old Punjabi albums and with Daler Mehendi being apt behind the mic, gives a good hear!

Verdict : With just 4 songs, Mannan Shaah succeeds to impress big time, I'd say due to the strength of the compositions. Also with Saawan Bairi already getting positive reports on Youtube, Commando is high on musical elements, at least for now, coz how much use the songs will have to an action movie is something to watch out for. Four songs, highly impressive! Very Good Work!

Must Hears! : Saawan Bairi, Lutt Jaawan


Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Love NY Music Review

I Love NY Music
Music : Pritam, Falak & R.D.Burman
Lyrics : Mayur Puri, Sayeed Quadri & Falak Shabbir

What I expected? : Less expectations, for a movie like this.

Gud Naal Ishq Mitha is thankfully not routine, essentially catchy Punjabi trance remade from Bally Sagoo's original, where Tochi Raina edges over Sukhwinder Singh in respective versions. Good hear!
Aao Na is pleasant but ordinary with Sonu Nigam sounding better than the squeaky Tulsi Kumar. Worth a hear.
Judaai by Falak Shabbir had been doing rounds on the net for over two years, and with slightly better arrangements, the song do impress mainly due to the slow drawling tune and Falak's addictive vocals! Good hear! #Repeat
Halki Halki  by Shaan and Tulsi Kumar is situational and plain outdated with Shaan being the only saving grace in the happily-dance-around composition.
Aaja Meri Jaan has Pancham da's haunting and sublime composition being remade and unmistakably crooned by Mauli Dave. Grt hear!
Every song has a remix each which I skipped.

Verdict : I Love New York has essentially feel good music, frankly a time pass album, the ones which comes and goes with couple of engaging tracks. Now with lesser shelf life, I'd say due to Pritam's laziness, falls into average in overall. Worth a try.

Must Hears! : Judaai, Gud Naal, Aaja Meri


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Aatma Music Review

Aatma Music
Music Direction : Sangeet and Sidharth Haldipur

What I expected? : Nothing.

Aaja Nindeya by Sangeet Haldipur hits the bulls eye, absolutely sway-ful slow, light tune, with the prospects elevated by Sangeet's pathos led rendition and haunting arrangements. Grt hear!
Aatma theme turns out to be a bit prosaic instrumental of Aaja Nindeya, violin and guitars, good enough!
Koi Jaage Aankhein by Anahita Irani, jazz version of Aaja Nindeya again is sufficiently impressive for the seductive vamp vocals, with toned down arrangements. Good hear!
Jee Le Jyada has Nikhil Paul George going nasal with, thankfully, endearing results, Nikhil being in the comfort zone he created in Barfi! croons well the lively, delightful tune, orchestrated aptly. Good hear!
Jee Le Jyaada female version gets nailed by Alyssa Mendosa, Shefali Alvarez, Anusha Mani and Apeksha! Good hear!
Tera Khatir is progressive rock, and uses Suraj Jagan's secretive vocals conveniently. Quite haunting and interesting! Good hear!

Verdict : For a suspense thriller, Aatma has more than good enough music, actually all songs are quite hummable. Don't know how much use the songs will have to the premise of the movie, but as of now, the movie seems strong in the musical department. Good one.!

Must Hears! : Aaja Nindeya


Friday, March 1, 2013

3G Music Review

3G Music 
Music Direction : Mithoon & Amar Mohile

What I expected? : Because it is Mithoon after a long time, expectations are pretty high. Mithoon is someone whom the critics consider hugely talented taking into account the relatively small but highly impressive career stint he had till now.

Kaise Bataoon by KK and Sonal Chauhan is pleasant albeit the Pritam-ish track standing on the shoulders of the talented singers(Sonal Chahan makes an impressive debut) rather than the strength of the composition. Good hear, less shelf life.
Kaise Bataoon(Cantibile) is slow, the original transformed into a sound Acappella with Abhishek Nailwal's expressive vocals getting along wonderfully together with the choir and the instrument-less background. Good one!
Khalbali has perfect choice of singers, Arijit Singh, Shilpa Rao sounding romantic and Tochi Raina bringing the well placed qawaalish touch into the essentially charming, addictive tune. Good hear!
Khalbali(Punjabi) by Tochi Raina has that rustic Punjabi flavor to it, good hear!
Bulbuliya is haunting, given lift off by Adnan Sami's passionate vocals and good arrangements with a lilting sufi touch. Situational, yet good one!
3G Theme composed by Amar Mohile serves the pupose, nothing more.

Verdict : Personally, 3G is below expectations, but then for a suspense thriller movie, the soundtrack is essentially suitable. Mithoon is nowhere near the old self we saw in 'Anwar' or 'Lamhaa', still manages to give couple of hummable listens. One good thing is that it makes you longing for Mithoon's next album.!

Must hears! : Khalbali