Saturday, December 22, 2012

Table No. 21 Music Review

Table No. 21 Music
Music Direction : Gajendra Verma & Sachin Gupta

What I expected? : Good expectations from Sachin Gupta.

If you lie you die by Jaspreet Jazz and Neeraj Shridhar is the situational techno title track with occasional  voice over by Paresh Rawal. Nothing appealing.
O Sajna gives a better listen with Gajendra Verma and Puja Thaker singing a carefully crafted melody which is slow and fervid as a whole giving a good hear!
Mann Mera by Gajendra Verma turns out to be an average romantic number.
Both Remixes, of O Sajna and Mann Mera were unnecessary.

Verdict : Sachin Gupta disappoints with O Sajna being the only saving grace in this otherwise below average album.

Must Hears! : None


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